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The legacy of Calisthenics in the military

Calisthenics You might be surprised to know that calisthenics has its role in the military as well. The reason is that calisthenics has existed since the Greek times and has refined gradually. Military is an asset of any countries and the military guys have to be in the perfect health and there is no margin of if and buts in this case. We all know that Calisthenics can bring about positive results and that is the prime reason it is greatly practiced in the armed forces as well. We will just discuss in detail how Calisthenics is actually benefiting the armed men.

The enchanting benefits

· Rhythm has a very important role in the army. It is not only a symbol of unity and discipline, but there is a new perception to rhythm. You can actually practice the Calisthenics exercises with the beat. The reason is that Calisthenics exercises help to bring about cardiovascular strength and physical fitness for the military guys.

· Endurance is a key quality that has to exist in a person who belongs to the military. When the military people practice these Calisthenics exercises they are going beyond the physical barriers of the body and the result is that the power to endure experiences uplift.

· Training is also a significant element of the armed forces and there is certainly no place for the second best. The new recruits have to indulge in aggressive training if they have to gain their strength pretty fast. Now with the Calisthenics workout the military recruits are exposed to strenuous training and they really have to go an extra mile to maintain their fitness. Therefore, it is a ritual that all new recruits are given a fair enough flavor of Calisthenics to test their strength and refine them to the level of perfection.

· A military guy might need to live in extreme conditions. Therefore, he also needs stamina to match that up. Therefore, the military guys perform Calisthenics workouts like flutter kicks, crunches, squats, Lunges and sit-ups.

· The military folks are generally of the opinion that workout should not be just restricted to the machines and all the recruits should be able to practice effective workouts in any case. Calisthenics is the best refuge in this regard because it has the power to conquer the power of fitness even without using any specific kind of equipment.

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